Lead Ore

It is commonly found as lead sulphide, galena; it’s a heavy shiny grey metallic ore with conspicuous cubic cleaverage. Lead ore contains small amount of silver.

It is the

Lead ore

Lead ore

mineral in which Lead is extracted. Due to its all-important use and its scarcity, Lead has become the most highly recycled materials in general use.

Over 80% of all the lead produced ends up in lead-acid batteries, with lead metal as the cathode and lead oxide as the anode. In addition to starter batteries for road vehicles, lead is also used for zero emission and hybrid vehicles, back-up power for computer and telephone systems and energy storage in remote power applications.

Lead is also used in a variety of alloys with steel, brass and aluminum. It is also used for soldering with Tin. There is other wide range application for Lead.

Lead occurrence in Nigeria is associated with saline water intrusion in sedimentary basin. It is estimated that Nigeria has over 10,000,000MT of Lead.

There are several location we source lead from around the country.


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